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Early Intervention Programme

Early Intervention Programme

Leapfrogs' Early Intervention Programme (EIP) focuses on preparing preschoolers to cope in the mainstream school environment. Our classes are for children aged 3 to 6 years old and lays important foundation for cognitive functioning, social and emotional skills, communication, self-help, and motor skills readying them for school.

Child development research has shown that early intervention has strong potential to improve a child’s quality of life by enhancing development and preventing additional developmental delays and/or disabling conditions. It does not replace a school curriculum but assists children in learning key skills and catching up with their peers.

At Leapfrogs, our EIP programme:

  • Is one of the four government approved pioneer private centres eligible for subsidy and grant
  • Is run in a small group with a maximum of four children
  • Is a twice weekly programme so that the child is able to attend a mainstream class on other days
  • Effectively addresses underlying issues such as maintaining attention; this is a fundamental skill affecting preschool children's ability to follow instructions and learn.
  • Narrows the attainment gaps through implementation of an Individualised Learning Plan.
  • Assesses, constantly evaluates and reviews activities to determine progress.
  • Communicate and involve parents, teachers and other professionals with readiness planning to begin school.
Preschoolers who:

  • have mainstream potential.
  • have difficulties following instructions and learning new concepts.
  • are not developing social skills at the same pace as their peers.
  • have difficulties such as focusing, learning and behaving in a group.
  • are on waitlist for government aided EIPIC programme.




Leapfrogs EIP does not replace a school curriculum but it provides educational support in your child’s learning which he/she may struggle with in the preschool settings.

Therapy sessions e.g. Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy are not included in the program.

Specialised Approaches:

TEACCH® – TEACCH is a structured approach developed in 1964 at the University of North Carolina. TEACCH uses visual aids and strategies including visual schedules, work systems and task organisations. TEACCH approach addresses the difficulties with communication, organisation, generalisation, concepts, sensory processing, accepting change to routines and relating to others.While some interventions focus on addressing areas of weakness, the TEACCH approach works with existing strengths and emerging skill areas.

Social Stories™ by Carol Gray – Carol Gray is best known for the development of Social Stories, a respected evidence-based practice used worldwide with people with autism of all ages. Social Stories are a social learning tool that supports the safe and meaningful exchange of information between parents, professionals and people with autism of all ages. Carol is also known for initiating a very effective social philosophy that 1) abandons all assumptions, 2) regards both the typical and autism perspective as equally valid, and 3) recognizes the social impairment in autism as shared (noting the well-intentioned but nonetheless misguided mistakes of parents and professionals).

Search & Teach© – SEARCH is a tool to assess young children 5 and 6 years of age. It is a tool to assess the deficits in perceptual skills that are necessary for reading, writing and spelling. TEACH, on the other hand, is an instructional tool to develop basic skills in learning to read, write and spell. It uses a perceptual stimulation approach targeting on the following five clusters: visual, visual-motor, auditory, body image and intermodal.

Handwriting without Tears® – It is a well-researched handwriting curriculum that utilises developmentally appropriate, multisensory tools and strategies to help improve writing and fine motor skills in children.


9 - 11 AM,
1 - 3 PM,
4-6 PM

note: class placement is subjected to centre’s discretion
1 therapist: 4 – 5 childen $1180 monthly + GST (before subsidy if applicable) $500 monthly if eligible for Enhanced PPIP, you may refer to more information at
Leapfrogs is also a Baby Bonus Scheme approved institution.

June, December and National Public Holidays Individual sessions of Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Educational Therapy, social groups are available at a separate cost