Educating children with special needs since 2005

Who We Are

What Makes Us Different

Leapfrogs is a child focused therapy centre that offers children with social and academic challenges life changing solutions to Learn, Engage, Adapt, and Progress with their friends, family, school, and society. We believe that all children have a right to pursue their dreams and our mission is to enable them by providing the understanding, therapy and love they need to succeed.

To fulfill our commitment to each child:

  • We are invested in your child’s development and dedicated to achieving the best outcome. Our team sets strict standards on our own clinical benchmarks, effectiveness and performance. Additionally, we continuously educate ourselves from globally renowned institutions and strictly adhere to the best practices for therapists worldwide.
  • We believe in having a close partnership with the parents and extended families of our children and actively collaborate with their teachers and other professionals.
  • We proactively educate parents and teachers by initiating pro-bono community outreach workshops to bring awareness of child development issues. We also challenge, train and teach upcoming therapists as clinical mentors with National University of Singapore programmes.
  • Our team diligently seeks and creates new resources to customise ways to make learning engaging and meaningful for each child.
  • We seek and celebrate all victories and achievements. Our favourite moments as a team are when we can share and laugh together about all the amazing changes and growth that we see in our children. This is what inspires us everyday.

Our Story

We are so delighted to be here to work with you and your child! We know how important each little person that walks through our door is and how special they are to those who have brought them here, so thank you for this opportunity to be your partner.

We founded Leapfrogs in 2005 out of a strong zeal and passion for working with children with special needs. The roots of Leapfrogs go back to May’s love for early childhood education, Michelle’s keen interest in speech therapy, and our devotion to child development. This has formed the unique mother-daughter partnership that is Leapfrogs. It became very clear that our work with children was more than just a job when research, laughter, and discussions filled a lot of our family time together. Each child has touched our lives in his and her own way, and we remember vividly his cheekiness, her tears, their joy! Through our desire to change the lives of these children, we realised that our lives also changed in profoundly positive ways.

One fundamental lesson we have learned over the years is that all children have the drive to succeed. They may not have the words to communicate, movement to explore, or the learning to connect, but they have the same desire to succeed like everyone else. This simple, basic right fuels everything that we do. For every child with a learning disability, a communication impairment, and faces challenges, we are here.

Welcome to Leapfrogs. We can’t wait to meet you.

May and Michelle

Leapfrogs Today

Leapfrogs currently has a staff of 10 trained professionals who are grounded into three specialist disciplines: speech, occupational and educational therapy. To date, over a thousand children with special needs have been helped, enabling them to improve their daily lives and the lives of those around them.

Leapfrogs is recognised by the Singapore government as one of the approved and accredited private institutions for early intervention and was selected as one of four early pioneers in their Pilot for Private Intervention Program (PPIP). Here families can access grants for the Early Intervention Programme which was previously limited to government or public special schools.

Leapfrogs participates in outreach programs to local schools in Singapore and has trained over 100 local preschool principals, head, and teachers about early detection and intervention, and 70 Allied Educators on strategies and ideas to support children with special needs in the Primary and Secondary ages. Leapfrogs also supervises students in the master of Speech Pathology Programme from the National University of Singapore proving practical experience and training.

We have also been privileged to be able to support over 40 families that needed financial support over the years through subsidies and creative collaborations with parents and public organizations.

Our Team

“An understanding heart is everything in a teacher, and cannot be esteemed highly enough....
The curriculum is so much necessary raw material,
but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the child."
- Carl Jung (1875 - 1961)

Michelle Tham

Founder / Clinical Director

May Chan

Founder / Programme Director


Educational Therapist

Mandy Low

Educational Therapist

Geraldine Chong

Speech Therapist

Khristine Del Rosario

Occupational Therapist

Alexandra Lee

Speech Therapist

Chloe Cheung

Speech Therapist

Yvonne McEvoy

Speech Therapist

Arnold Chua

Educational Therapist